What is a Scrum Board?

scrum board.jpg

That was my question when Evan mentioned the term “scrum board” to me. It’s a funny word, but my goodness, it has been crazy helpful in preparing to leave town. [Shout out to Evan’s friend Jamie Howard for the idea.]

A question we’ve gotten often since leaving our desk jobs has been “what are you all going to do with all the free time before you leave?” and we want to reply by simply showing them the photo at the bottom of this post. It feels like there is so much to do in order to begin our journey on the road; everything from renting our home, to deciding which possessions to sell, toss, store, or take with us, selling our cars, drumming up some business, updating features of the Winnebago, and much more. There’s no loss of things to do and this scrum board is helping us ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

All my fellow blue temperament friends, you’re going to eat this tool right up!

Most scrum boards are much more complex than ours and are used by development teams working on a sprint. We’ve found several different definitions online, and decided to make our own for the purpose of this post..

Scrum Board: A productivity tool used to keep track of projects that have many moving pieces. (like packing up your life and moving in to a home on wheels).

We altered the board a bit to fit us, but basically we came up with four columns from left to right:

  • All the Things

  • Today

  • In Process

  • Done

ALL THE THINGS just felt appropriate to us. There’s a lot that needs to be done to prepare to travel the country for a year. This is where we took some liberties and made the idea of the scrum board our own.

TODAY encapsulates all of our tasks for the present day. It keeps us focused on the most important tasks in real time. We are less likely to get distracted and work on something that could be done later or isn’t as pressing (a form of procrastination we are all to familiar with).

IN PROCESS is where we place all of the tasks we’ve begun but are waiting on another force to do something so that we can move forward in completing the item. These are the items that usually weigh on us the most. It’s difficult to keep track of things that have been started, but aren’t completed that require no more from us at the current moment.

DONE doesn’t need an explanation, but we’ll just say it feels AMAZING to move little pieces of paper with smelly black marker scribbles to the done column!

All you really need to make your own scrum board is a sharpie, stickie notes and the desire to get stuff done in an efficient and productive manner.

Productive peeps of the world, “frost yourselves!”

frost yourselves.gif

Looking for more scrum board resources and ideas? Here are a few websites we’ve found that have helpful information on scrum boards:

The current situation of our scrum board.

The current situation of our scrum board.