Where and When? There and Then! (Travel Schedule)


(click here for our tentative route)

If we were to take a guess we’d say this route is going to change 52 times over the next year, so don’t take it too seriously. Having never done this before there are a ton of things we’re going to learn along the way…

How long do we want to drive in a day?

How long do we want to stay at a campsite?

Are interstates or backroads more enjoyable?

What if we find a spot we want to spend 2 months exploring/living?

How close is the nearest dump station?

Do we need good cell service that week?

…to name a few.

That being said, we wanted to put together a plan. We believe a plan and direction held open handed is better far better than no plan and no direction.

We’d love to compile a list of places to see and people to meet from you!


Where do we need to visit?

The more detail, the better.

Feel free to include:

  • Websites/Blogs

  • Must follow social media accounts

  • Who we should meet

  • Must visit breweries and wineries

  • Events in the areas we’ll be traveling

Who do we need to meet?

Are there people around the country we need to meet while we’re traveling? Including, but not limited to:

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Fellow nomads

  • Artists

  • Business owners

  • Free spirits

  • People with good jokes

We’d love to get in touch and grab a lunch/dinner/drink with people from around the country!

Feel free to leave your responses in the comments below,
on our Facebook page, on Instagram or fill out the form
on the contact us page.