Our RV Adventure: Journeying Across the United States

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As of December 2018 Evan and I are hitting the road and traveling around the US in our Winnebago Brave. We’re crazy. Yes. Young. Yes. Pumped. Yes.

Before I dig in on the why I’m going to go ahead and answer some of your questions…

Renting our home.

Bought our RV.

Pups are going with.

Gone for a year.

Quit our jobs.

Working from the road for ourselves.

Not taking our entire wardrobes.

Coming back in February when our niece is born.

We have a route picked out.

Now, the story behind the “why”...

For Evan, traveling around the US in a van/bus/RV/car/what have you is something he has wanted to do since his teen years. For me, this dream was born in January of 2018.

Three weeks of traveling. We had been out of the office for Christmas, then we went to Mexico for our anniversary, then we were in Tulsa for a family emergency for the week. On the 12 hour drive home from Tulsa, I remember teasing Evan asking what it would look like  to not go back to full time work and instead have more margin to spend traveling together. I threw out the idea of traveling around in an RV mostly as a joke but we took a little time on the drive to entertain the idea. Looking back this conversation was not only inspiring, but gave us a glimpse of what it would look like to dream together out on the open road.

The dream of a life where we spent more time together, traveled, and had more margin in our lives was incredibly appealing - even if it meant making less money and living a simpler life (which are pretty much necessities starting out). And on top of that we realized this would be the only time we have together, just us, with the most flexibility we’ll probably ever have in life. We want a big family one day, so why not take a grand adventure together before kids are in the picture. Not that having kids and going around the country in an RV isn’t possible. People do it every day and crush the heck of out of it. Go them! But doing something like this now just seemed like a good idea for us to entertain.

But time went on and without deciding to decide a definite “yes” or “no” we didn’t revisit the conversation with seriousness…

Then came summer of 2018. Evan approached me after work one day telling me he wanted to sell his truck and buy a VW bus. My response?

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I love the truck. We have memories in the truck. He explained his desires for having the VW bus and I raised the bar and asked why we wouldn’t just go all out and get an RV.

From there, we decided that we would take this dream seriously and spend two months in discernment over what a decision like this would mean for our jobs, family, community, finances, and mental & physical health. On one end we sought wisdom and prayed about leaving jobs, renting our home, finances and on a much deeper end we dug into bigger questions like what would the repercussions be of uprooting from our church, family, friends, and neighborhood community for a season look like.

I wish I could explain in words how affirming the two months we spent in discernment were but I simply can’t. The encouragement of family, friends, and wise counsel was incredible (and in some cases astonishing) and there were also numerous other “open doors” that seemed to come straight from Heaven that encouraged us in making the decision to take this journey.

On our yearly trip to the beach we decided to officially take the plunge and go for it. Grand adventure to come. Let the preparations begin!

In short, here’s why:

  • Adventure

  • Dreaming together

  • Opportunities before kids

  • Taking risks while we’re young

  • Open doors

  • Work from the road

  • When we told people the response was almost always something along the lines of, “If you can do it, do it!” or “If I could turn back the clock I guess I’d do the same thing.” or “Can I come with you?”

  • Margin

  • Simplicity

  • The feeling you get when you chase a dream. As Ben Rector would say, “Thank God for how it feels to chase a dream”